Wedding Gift

新しい門出に 新しい門出に
ウェルカムボード ウェルカムボード

To the guests who celebrate, we send our thanks. Please consider RIVERET, natural dishware conveying the warmth and tenderness. RIVERET also accepts orders in large quantities such as for gifts and souvenirs as a bridal gift. For customers who used it, we will prepare a concession benefit although it is modest.

慶祝の儀にふさわしい 慶祝の儀にふさわしい

Pine tree symbolizes the long life, bamboo symbolizes the eternal prosperity

All RIVERET products are made from natural bamboo. Regarded as a symbol of good luck since ancient times, bamboo is connected with sprouting power, growing power, a powerful and refreshing evergreen appearance, a rich spread of rhizomes that are never exhausted, and more than anything unlimited growth and prosperity, and is therefore regarded as auspicious item in a traditional ceremony.

名入れ対応 名入れ対応

Even in the case of large orders, it is possible to make different engravings in each separate item ordered. Sticky notes will be applied in such cases so you can understand which contents are inside when products are delivered.
* Some items cannot be engraved.
* Please consult with us early as the date of delivery varies depending on the number of items ordered and whether engraving is requested.

プレゼント プレゼント

For customers who place orders totaling more than 200,000 yen (tax included), we will engrave the pair item of your choice along with the contract and present it to you as an award for winning the contract. After placing your order, we will ask you by e-mail regarding pair items desired and what to engrave.

Wedding Gift

RIVERET nature
RIVERET nature
    RIVERET material RIVERET design RIVERET craft
    RIVERET lazer RIVERET coating RIVERET support

From growing the bamboo, to manufacturing, shipment and after sales service, all processes are managed by our company as much as possible. We believe the essence of monozukuri (design and manufacturing) exists in all of these processes.

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